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“BEST TRIP EVER…bravo, bravo!!”

MUSICAL THEATRE DAYS offer a “Fanta stick“ action packed day for groups to be introduced to all aspects of performing and designing for Musical Theatre. Clonter regularly plays host to some of the finest emerging singing talent and designers who inspire young audiences with both informal workshops and fully staged variety shows.

To apply for places or for more information, please contact Amanda Harman on 01260 224 514 or email

CHILDREN’S COMMENTS FROM LAST YEAR “BEST TRIP EVER… I loved the singing…  I want to do drama now…I learnt that you need to be confident in yourself” “It has inspired me to try singing…I learnt more than I actually thought I would…I loved it so much I nearly cryed with lafter it was so funny…I learnt about the different voices you all worked hard on the voices, I loved the theatre …My favourite part was the design workshop because we got to make stuff”.   “The show performed at the end of the day was astonishing! Amazing!   “I loved all that singing and meeting opera singers… “it was brilliant (Bravo Bravo)… I have learnt numbers from other countries.   The first number is 5 which is Cinque… it was a life time experience …I didn’t want to leave!

FREE places are offered to young people taking part in ARTS AWARD

Please contact the Box Office if you need information about accessible areas for those with restricted mobility.


PERFORMANCE PROJECTS offer students the chance to write, light, compose, stage manage and film their own performances based on a topic of their choice, and a chance to feel the thrill of performing on the Clonter stage. Click the image for more info 

“My favourite bit was performing on the gigantic stage.”
“ Even though it was far I liked every single minute of it. I was so proud when I saw my gobo on the background of the stage”

Offering progressive Arts Award opportunities

Please click on this link picture for Arts Award opportunities at Clonter.

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Never been to an opera before? Why not come to our Opera Novice Night for the public dress rehearsal, which includes a pre-performance talk, given by the director.

Young people can come and design a costume for their favourite character – at 5.30 pm and attend a pre-performance talk by the director at 6.30 pm.
Clonter is proud to be an official Arts Award and our staff can act as an Arts Award Advisor.
To find out more about our outreach programme please email Amanda
Amanda Harman Development Officer, Education


Our pupils had little, if any, knowledge of Opera prior to the visit. Some children, particularly boys, were reluctant to attend and quite cynical about what the Clonter Experience could offer them… How wrong they were and how quickly they changed their minds. “Wow” was the comment of one year 6 boy – when asked to elaborate he said (quite profoundly ) “It’s just WOW”. The day was fantastic… children in mixed ability groups worked creatively, collaboratively and purposefully. When the children met Chris and the ‘singers’ they were blown away. They were enthralled and hooked. All of our pupils participated in this inclusive environment – they felt able to join in and take risks. They appreciated the sheer quality of the opera experience. Our SEN children responded well and engaged fully – what a brilliant day! Since our return to school the children can be heard “razzle dazzling” and singing “I’ve got rhythm”. As a staff we loved it too.

Year 5 Teacher,Wargrave Primary St Helens, Educational Outreach Programme

I have never known any other institution provide a remotely similar experience, in 27 years of teaching. We are so fortunate that Clonter is within our locality and able to provide such a unique and memorable day. Having the opportunity to work with professional set designers and performers within a theatre setting, has been truly inspirational. Our head teacher is already planning a unit of work about Macbeth, culminating in the building of mini stage sets in a similar style to those that we did at Clonter. Clonter Opera is clearly providing a unique and invaluable educational opportunity within the wider community, that greatly enriches the experiences of our children. Long may it continue.

Tim Collier,Brereton CE Primary School, Educational Outreach Programme

It was really interesting to be involved as both a performer and an educator. Leading and participating in workshops is quite a skill… This is a valuable part of the work at Clonter and very important for us as performers.

Laura Margaret Smith,Mezzo, Educational Outreach Programme

“This will be my best trip in year 5… Thank you for inviting us I hope my brother can come too” – Grace

“Dear Super Clonter Theatre, thank you for giving us a wonderful experience. My favourite part was when we made little stage scenes and settings… It was fun playing outside too… we had lots of fun racing with my friends and some people from other schools as well. Amazingly I was shocked how good the performance was! Please could we come again… could we? ” – Jake

Year 5,Educational Outreach Programme, Clonter

Quinta singing “The Rhythm of Life”