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Musical Theatre Workshops

During this action packed day of activities children will take part in:

A Musical Theatre Workshop (50 minutes)

4 singers and an accompanist will explain and demonstrate different voice types and the kind of roles they play and the role of an accompanist. They will perform short 2-5 minute excerpts from opera, operetta, musical theatre. Each song and ensemble will be introduced. Any excerpts sung in a foreign language and key words to listen out for will be explained. (We find children respond just as well to songs sung in a foreign language as they do when sung in English). They are shown how to warm up their voices and bodies before learning to sing a chorus. Singers will explain how a knowledge of history, different cultures, poetry, languages, music, drama, physical and vocal fitness can help you develop as a performer.

A Set Design workshop (50 minutes)

Children will be introduced to the wide variety of creative and technical skills required to create sets, costumes and lighting. They will work in teams of 5 to create 3 D designs in Scale 1:50 model boxes which will be lit with coloured torches and photographed. Certificates are awarded to teams who work best together.

Variety Show

A fully staged Variety Show of operatic and musical theatre highlights.
(The 40 minute programme includes arias and ensembles which are explained in the workshops).

Arts Award

Musical Theatre Days offer the perfect “Inspiration Day” with experiences and material for children to use in their Explore, Discover or Bronze Arts Awards portfolios.

Please email Amanda Harman for more details

Amanda Harman
Development Officer, Education

Quinta singing “The Rhythm of Life”